Pluto Yield (DeFi)

Pluto’s core holdings. Pluto holds major digital assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polkadot, Solana and Binance. Holding these major digital assets ensures that Pluto has access to a range of projects and gives us the possibility to have governance in decisions.

Major Digital Assets


Pluto is and will actively generate additional income on its Digital Assets via a number of key strategies such as:

Running Proof of Stake validator nodes generates transaction fees in the form of new ETH and DOT. This is effectively a climate friendly ESG approach to network consensus, validation and security.

To stake or liquidity mine Pluto transfers digital assets into an automated marketing making smart contract which generates an income stream based on volume transacted. Pluto can withdraw these assets at any time.

DeFi Markets & Yield Farming enables Pluto to stake an asset into a smart contract and in return receive an income stream often paid in the currency staked or sometimes a third-party tokens.

Crowd Loans are an evolution of yield farming designed within the Polkadot ecosystem. DOT is staked in support of a new project looking to launch on Polkadot. In return Pluto will generate a yield in the new project’s tokens. Once the staking period completes Pluto will recover its DOT tokens and keep the new project’s token, thereby capturing a yield in currency which could appreciate.

Strategic Holdings

Pluto’s strategic pre-sale buys and new project launches via Launchpads investing in exciting new high-growth Web 3.0, technology, DeFi and DeTech projects is a central part of Pluto’s portfolio.

Pluto Dev Studio

  • Pluto Dev Studio comprises expertise on token economics and smart contract and block chain development skills.
  • Pluto Dev Studio partners and develops early-stage Web 3.0 technology projects with significant upside potential.
  • Supporting the Pluto Booster as an accelerator, technical advisor and assists projects with their development and launch, with remuneration in the tokens at launch.

Incubated Projects

Pluto invests in exciting projects, companies and startups in the cryptosphere. Fostering early stage development through to issuing, fundraising and eventual take off.

YOP – Yield Optimization application that makes it easy for everyone to access DeFi markets. Giving custody, insights and custom parameters all inside one single application. YOP is chain-agnostic and is integrating DeFi protocols across several blockchain networks.

YOP – Yield Optimization Pad. The first IDO marketplace, launchpad aggregator. Giving YOP customers access to the leading new project launches inside the platform through the Swap tab and built in wallet.

Rokit – supports project launches by providing the necessary tools to collect and process customer data. AI driven data harvesting and processing for a higher quality whitelist leading to better project launches

Pluto Metaverse (NFT)

  • Pluto’s NFT team focuses on the investment and development of NFT related projects.
  • Targeting all layers of the NFT stack including infrastructure and application layers, as well as tools and platforms to mint, trade and store NFTs.
  • A focus on projects that intersect with DeFi application.
  • Actively curating a private collection of NFTs, consisting of seminal crypto art works, pieces from emerging artists as well as notable collectible, gaming and virtual world assets.

Pluto Projects

Pluto’s Web 3.0 Strategy

  • Investing into early-stage technology projects and their digital assets and assisting them in their technology development and roll out.
  • Pre-IDO participation strategy – IDO token pre-sales.
  • Long term participation strategy – investing in core technologies in both equity and tokens over a longer timeframe.